Advance Protection the investigation

– Consultation and clarification on issues related to the criminal case

– Familiarization with rulings on initiating a criminal case, on recognizing a suspect, on arrest, on prosecuting as a defendant, on applying a preventive measure, on protocols of detention, interrogations and other investigative actions taken with the participation of a suspect or accused in the absence of counsel

– Filing complaints of detention, imprisonment, house arrest of a suspect or accused

– Participation in court consideration of complaints of detention, imprisonment, house arrest of a suspect or accused

– Appeal against the court decision on the considered complaints about the detention, imprisonment, house arrest of the suspect or the accused

– A visit to a detainee who is detained in a temporary detention center or remand prison

– Participation in investigative actions
– during interrogation;
– during the inspection of the scene
– during the investigative experiment
– during the search (seizure); – during the confrontation
– upon presentation for identification
– when carrying out verification of indications on site
– Participation in the production of forensic examinations
– familiarization with the decision on the appointment of expertise
– participation in obtaining samples for comparative studies
– submission of additional questions for obtaining expert opinion on them
– presence during the examination (giving explanations to the expert)
– familiarization with the expert opinion
– application of objections and petitions aimed at protecting the interests of the suspect, the accused;
– filing complaints about the actions and decisions of the body leading the criminal process

– Collecting and presenting evidence:
– survey of individuals
– requests for references, characteristics and other documents
– request, with the consent of the suspect, the accused, of the opinions of specialists to clarify issues arising in connection with the implementation of protection that require special knowledge

– Participation in investigations carried out in connection with the submission of the above information

– Participation upon indictment

– Introduction to the criminal case

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